Using regenerative agriculture to sustain farms, land, and families for generations.

Regenerative Farming Solutions

Farmers need practical solutions for increasing grass growth, milk production, and crop yields that also improve ecosystem health. Our advice is based on decades of farm and business experience, as well as Savory Institute systems.

Educate 1,000,000 Consumers

The Regenerative farming movement will fail unless consumers understand that HOW food is grown and HOW it's processed is the key to human and environmental health.

Provide $20 Million Supply Chain

Regenerative farmers' skills and consumer demand mean nothing if there is no way to produce regenerative products and bring them to market.

Organize Regenerative Markets

Consumers must be able to find and buy regeneratively sourced products. Doing so allows them and regenerative farmers to put their values into action.

Improve 100 Farm Enterprises

Farmers love to farm, but staying in business while going against current agriculture economic models is hard. Many need to diversify & fix the weak links in their systems.

Millions for Farm Health Solutions

Switching from conventional to regenerative farming is risky for most farmers. A little bit of funding for training, business development, and equipment like fencing goes a long way to helping them thrive.

Ecosystem Health

Nothing really matters if we don't improve ecosystem health including topsoil quality, biodiversity, watershed quality, and carbon sequestration. We can do this while impacting human health, farm communities, regional economies. The farms we work with are proving it every day.

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